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Mode Hospitality Inc

Melinda Paletta is a gourmet epicure born in Montreal Quebec. She was raised in a family business with expertise in the food industry, customer service, business and marketing.

Over the past 26 years she has worked on customizing and carving out her own niche in the culinary world. 

Leading to a Food Writing Career. Even creating her own Local T.V Show DA EATS T.V featuring different restaurants and discussed culinary dishes. Melinda had a Special Events business in Toronto Canada, even spending some time in the Southern States to learn about Southern Cuisine. 

Melinda Paletta owns Mode Hospitality Inc.& Bake Shoppe. There is always something  tantalizing baking in her kitchen. Melinda has a degree in Hard Work. Her European background and outspoken ways always leave her eccentric style to each dish she creates.

Melinda is a self-taught chef who loves indulging in different food cultures. She has a distinguished palate and an infectious attitude about her love of food.