5 out of 5

CosMic Plants

How is it that a tropical flowering plant, native to South-East Asia, the Philippines and Australia, can be purchased locally in Ontario, Canada? A place where the seasons are extreme and unpredictable! The combination of a unique micro-climate on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, generations of horticultural experience, and high-tech greenhouses operated by a passionate team of people make this possible.

CosMic Plants Inc. is a greenhouse operation conveniently located 5 minutes from the Queen Elizabeth Way, between Vineland and Beamsville, in the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario. It was established in 2004. CosMic Plants produces Phalaenopsis Orchids year-round. Our greenhouse facilities make use of the most modern equipment and systems to maintain a continuous supply of these beautiful flowering tropical plants.

We strongly believe in sustainable business practices and creating a pleasant workplace for our staff to work and thrive in. We minimize our energy consumption using high-tech climate control systems, we make use of biological crop protection techniques, we recycle rain and irrigation water and much more!