Sonic Mindfulness Experience

Sonic Mindfulness Experience

Sonic Mindfulness is a deep listening and sensing practice using therapeutic sound tools and awareness techniques. 

Sonic Mindfulness Experiences are intentional live soundscapes that nourish the nervous system and support well-being. These immersive experiences are designed to invoke states of relaxation, restoration, and transformation. Soothing sound waves allow listeners to dive deep into meditative and expansive states.

It is a personalized and contemplative practice for accessing and cultivating our innate intelligence allowing for deeper self-awareness and emotional regulation. We explore intentional breath work, rhythmic meditation, heart coherence strategies, sound immersions and listening inquiries for well-being and connection. 

Sonic Mindfulness Experiences help to build a mindfulness practice. The sessions offer the space and time – resources often in short supply – necessary for self-reflection and self-discovery. This is a great self-care practice with therapeutic benefits that can carry into everyday life.

Studies show that mindfulness can reduce and alleviate stress, induce a state of relaxation and improve general health.


Sonic Mindfulness Experience Benefits:

  • Relaxation

  • Reflection time

  • Self regulation

  • Stress management

  • Healthy emotional expression

  • Cultivating compassion for self and others

  • Improved brain-mind-body connection

  • Increase of emotional, mental, and physical energy

  • Structure and positivity

We offer 30 to 60 minute live online mindfulness sessions. We provide this service for individuals, groups and organizations looking to optimize well-being, productivity and creativity during these stressful times. To book a mindfulness experience please contact us!


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