Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a quality-driven, local shopping supply of food, wares and services that focuses on the making of shopping local as convenient as possible. We partner with local entrepreneurs including farms, retail vendors and services; they are all contributors. By increasing the collaboration between contributors across Canada, we provide a nationwide, same-day, local delivery network.


We are a group of Canadians that believe there is an enormous gap between great local, affordable products and their potential exposure within the local marketplace. Knowing that word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing and that technology has increased social connectivity, do you know how to build online relationships as effectively as you built your in-store presence? Social media is where we fuel conversations that drive your company’s brand awareness.  

We care about and are invested in the wellbeing of communities and their future. If we don’t make it easy and convenient to shop local, local businesses will close causing communities to lose jobs; lose financial support for non-profits, sport teams and cultural activities; lose tax dollars that fund local government, healthcare, education, and road repairs. Your neighbourhood would suffer.

We provide the solution that easily connects local businesses with local customers. Oh, did we mention the added health benefits of buying locally- produced foods? Benefits to your family and to the environment.


Customers will be able to order local healthy vegetables, meat products, and prepared specialty-diet meals (no preservatives, no gmo, hormone and steroid free meats, non-sprayed organic vegetables, fresh eggs and breads) for prices at or below current supermarket prices. Why? Because the products are sourced locally.

Being local, we can offer same day delivery. Whether we are delivering to your front door or to your child away at school or to your parents in another city, it’s same day delivery of nutritious food ordered from the comfort of your home.


We are starting our business right here in Niagara where we have seen the loss of trade and manufacturing jobs. Canshoplocal.com strives to revive our community by supporting local. Our ultimate goal is to take this same idea across our great country supporting local Canadian communities. From Vancouver Island to Nunavut to PEI, we will empower cities, towns and neighbourhoods to influence their social and economic future.


We are about helping to create a healthier local economy with multiple benefits for every single person in that community with lower costs for healthier food coupled with the convenience of home or community delivery.

You have heard of pay – it – forward. We have a program called Feeding – it –Forward or FIFOR. To be a FIFor (Feeding – it – forwarder), check out our website canshoplocal.com/FIFor.

Most of us want to help those less fortunate and supporting local businesses by spending your dollars within your own community will enhance the living standards for everyone at every level in your community. From the homeless to those with healthy incomes, local sustainability depends primarily on your money staying in your community. Offering healthier foods at or below supermarket prices will also help to improve health and welfare. When health improves, the desire to survive and thrive becomes stronger and the desire to help those around them comes into focus. There will be more local jobs, higher paying jobs and opportunities to start your own business. Canshoplocal.com offers a connection to your local customer base, distribution and delivery.

Canshoplocal.com also wants Canadians to have access to food straight from our Canadian farms. Fresh food options that in most cases have been harvested that very day, have nutritional levels of 100% whereas most of what is available to us now is 5% or less. For example, fresh vegetables lose 50% of their nutrition every two days. How long does it take to get lettuce from California or somewhere in Mexico? The average is 8 days from harvest to your table. Canshoplocal.com will deliver most fresh, local, healthier food at prices lower than or equal to large grocery stores.


We will start targeting demographics in the Niagara region to prove our actual true experience in the last 3 years of business under a separate name on April 17, 2020

After that, we will expand northwest into Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville in short order. When that is accomplished, we will be developing identified individual areas that have the same strong desire to support local shopping until the entire country of Canada has a satisfied base.


Our strategies:

  • Enable vendors to offer products in other communities with same day delivery
  • Interprovincial trade of local Canadian products filling gaps across the country
  • Affordable housing projects with self-contained grow ops of leafy greens and eventually herbs and micro greens as part of the local supply chain
  • Develop personal relationships with local producers of food

The Canshoplocal.com environment will create collaboration between vendors, distribution centers, and neighbourhood delivery to the point where everyone involved will be a part of the grand solution.

We will help to create new farmers and help current farmers become almost twice as profitable with this system in all of its designed outcome.

I think most of us want to help those in need but that road is full of traps and potholes, within most of the current options.

We provide Free entry into the ecommerce market.


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