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If you support local, local will support you

Our continued mission is to grow a quality-driven, local shopping supply of clean, healthy local food and gifts, that focuses on the making of shopping local as convenient as possible. We partner with local entrepreneurs including local farms and local retail vendors; they are all essential contributors. By increasing the collaboration between contributors across Canada, together we provide a nationwide, local delivery network. The ultimate sustainable shop local network, starting right here in Canada.

Chris Rowley
Chief bottle washer

Giving back to our communities

Not everyone has the same capabilities within our communities. From individuals, to struggling family’s, there are homless people with mental health issues everywhere in our city’s and towns. Unfotuneatly, most times, we just dont see them.  CanShopLocal.com is initiating it’s FIFER program to help struggling Canadians.. FIFER – Feed-It-Forwarder

Our quality is our identity

Small to large Canadian producers of clean and healthy food and gifts are our only partners. Clean, healthy and natural food are the only things Canadians need, each of our partners are dedicated to this fact.


Our food and gift offers are raised or grown naturally and locally. Meats are 100% drug free. Our produce is delivered to you from harvest to your table faster than any other network.


Stewertship of our land is foremost on the minds of our partners, treating the land plants and animals with respect will continue in good concience, to provide us all with clean,healthy, local products.


The ability to purchase local at the stroke of a few keys will coninue to produce more small operators that will help supply all of us . Purchase here, purchase often.

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We are only as strong as the communities we are apart of.

Can Shop Local is a digital platform where users can find goods and services produced in and around your local neighbourhood, all within the comfort of home.


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